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“A TOUR-DE-FORCE of rat-a-tat dialogue, interjected with plenty of arcane facts about a fabulously exotic locale… plenty of smiles and a few good laughs on the road to Mandalay.” Graf, whose works to date have dealt with serious issues of terrorism and family pathology, displays a surprisingly nimble knack for comedy. - F. Kathleen Foley,

Los Angeles Times


“WOW! Playwright Wendy Graf proves herself as adept at rom-com as she is at her dark, dramatic (politically themed) solo pieces…. Without abandoning world events, Unemployed Elephants - A Love Story’s lighter touch exerts its own charms” - Steven Stanley Stage Scene LA


“SPLENDID… FUN… Wendy Graf, whose play Please Don’t Ask About Becket was a hit at Sacred Fools in 2016, has crafted a tight script that I can foresee being produced at theatre companies across the country. “

- Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

“AWESOME…. fast-paced, fantastic, funny, smart and an ABSOLUTE must, must, must see if you see nothing else this season. It’ll be the best show you’ve seen in years. Bravo, bravo for author Wendy Graf, whose dialogue is hilarious, witty and beautifully written”- Dianne Williams, NoHo Arts District


“CHARMING, VERY FUNNY...Prolific playwright Wendy Graf pen(s) a charming story of love, loss, and new love… a must-see production for a dating couple, but it will also charm its way into even the stoniest of hearts as it craftily sneaks up on you.”- Elaine Mura

“ABUNDANT HUMOR, BRILLIANTLY EXECUTED…a fascinating often hilarious love story mixed with a dose of powerful global politics.” – Ron Irwin, LA Post Examiner “A FROTHY MERINGUE…get thee to the Little Victory to enjoy this delicious dessert” - Leigh Kennicott, Showmag


“CRITICS CHOICE…delightful…. a delicious play with laugh-out-loud dialogue and timing that doesn't lag for a nanosecond. “- Cynthia Citron, Santa Monica Daily Press


“CHARMING… style and wit… snappy dialogue… will captivate you. Penned by Wendy Graf, a deservedly successful playwright… If you’re a theatre lover and, of course, you are, you’ve applauded her work on many occasions as you will, most certainly at this world premiere.”

- Ingrid Wilmot, Will Call for Theater

“INVOLVING AND ENJOYABLE…An appealing mix of politics, romance, humor and drama” - The Tolucan Times


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