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“POIGNANT... RAVAGING... Graf’s emotionally astute drama peels away layers of pathology with surgical skill... the performers are gripping.”

— F. Kathleen Foley, Los Angeles Times

 “GRIPPING... a well-spun, rich and powerful story... masterfully crafted... exquisitely presented”...But as

entertainment Please Don’t Ask About Becket is a true masterpiece for it compels deep thought and evokes constant emotion as the

story progresses from whimsical to tragic and survival."

— Ron Irwin, Post Examiner

“INSPIRED... a playwright whose powers of wordsmithery are just about perfect.... ” — Travis Holder, Arts In LA

“MARVELOUS... wonderfully fresh... a meaningful piece, wellexecuted,

and worthy of our attention” —Dale Reynolds, EDGE

"RESONATES... One only has to look around the room, during a performance at the rest of the audience to witness the phenomenon.

People connecting with elementary experiences”

— Tracey Paleo, Gia on the Move

“STORYTELLING BRILLIANCE... INSIGHTFUL DIRECTION... a sad and biting story well told with empathy... will compel you to care

about these people” — Shari Barrett, BroadwayWorld

AN EMOTIONAL JOURNEY... touches on what seems like the whole scale of humans trying to figure out how to love one another. This (story) never stops holding our hearts tight...seems to embody all the unanswered, unsolved puzzles of all our lives”

— David MacDowell Blue,

The World Through Night Tinted Glasses

“BEAUTIFUL... A TOUR DE FORCE... a rare intimacy between [the]actors and the audience” —Kelly Hartog, Westside Today