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“A blend of wit and  wisdom, "Lessons" questions, amuses and beguiles. Graf is in the long tradition of Jewish writers that  include Neil Simon.  And, very much like Simon, she mixes the angst in our lives with an overlay of humor that is both touching and tender."

- Ed Kauffman, Hollywood Reporter

"This quest for faith---in his case, a faith he's never had, and in hers a faith that she's forsaken---is a poignant plea that touches everyone," - KABC Radio

"...poignant and humorous..." - Theatremania

"A rewritten script and new director Gordon Davidson yield an affecting and uplifting drama" - Don Shirley

 “MAGNIFICENT……a lesson in being human. Not a moment of this 2 hour play is wasted…find(s) the eternal and universal in narrative arcs ...The surprises are imbued with weight and heft—regardless of one’s background there are nuggets of wisdom to be found.” - Janis LaCouvee 

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