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What The Critics Say

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“ A magical production…potent…emotional…consequential…"

- George Walker, Indiana Public Media

“Graf’s writing is easy and colloquial, and her subject matter deeply profound without preaching; it’s about adaptation and faith in its fullest interpretation."

- Backstage West

In Wendy Graf's "Leipzig" at the Lee Strasberg Institute, past and present collide in a psychological homecoming that raises deep and ultimately moving questions about personal and collective Jewish identity." - LA Times

" Last but far from least, we have Jesus...who perfectly realizes the playwright’s intention to bypass the irritating quotations of scripture to reach the heart of warmth and humanity that is the best part of this concept." - Curtain Up 

"A credible, powerfully told story...inspired...masterful..."

- HiT Bloomington, Indiana

"An insightful look at the nature of identity, well executed by a local cast...Having seen the show, I can see why it has won multiple awards.....A brilliant move on the playwright's part...." - Denyse O'Leary, Toronto-based freelance journalist & author

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