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What The Critics Say

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Haines His Way 

“FIVE STARS… the jewel in the crown of great theatre. Entertain your audience, but also give them something to think about and maybe even act upon.” — Rob Stevens, Haines His Way


Press Telegram
“A POWERFUL MASTERPIECE… prepare to embark on a journey that unravels like a well-crafted mystery, exploring themes of redemption, family and the far-reaching consequences of a terrible crime… [playwright Wendy] Graf’s storytelling prowess shines through in every scene… The chemistry among the actors is palpable, making each scene emotionally charged and utterly captivating… a testament to the power of live theater to provoke thought, evoke emotions and spark conversations.” — Sean McMullen, Press Telegram


LA Theatrix 
“RIVETING… "How fortunate are LA audiences that International City Theatre (ICT) in Long Beach is staging the world premiere of award-winning playwright Wendy Graf’s riveting drama “Exit Wounds,” through Sept. 10. A poignant, multi-perspective take on one family involved in a (spoiler alert), the play is both timely and engaging—truly must-see theatre that speaks not only to today’s
headlines but the timeless ways families get ripped apart. Exit Wounds is that rare play that provokes, moves, and entertains all at once."- Anita W. Harris, LA Theatrix

Splash Magazines 

"EXIT WOUNDS is a powerful and timely tale which is carefully and well written, superbly directed, and brilliantly acted – a play which clearly deserved its prestigious award for author Wendy Graf. This is a not-to-be-missed production which will appeal to audiences intrigued by family dynamics, individual’s reactions to unbearable stress, and whether or not change is possible." - Elaine Mura, Splash Magazines

Stage Raw


“Director caryn desai does a wonderful job of putting on display and analyzing what it means to have a scarred family, how relatable it is to have one, and what healing may look like. The writing along with the performances are raw and truthful, resulting in a very emotional drama. It also serves as a way to begin important conversations that, as a country, we are in dire need of. “ - Julyza Commodore, Stage Raw


Stage Scene LA 

“WOW!... COMPELLING, CATHARTIC… packs an emotional punch… [a] trio of absolutely superb performances… one of [playwright] Wendy Graf’s very best.” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

Angeles Stage 

“ABSORBING AND ULTIMATELY MOVING… "Graf masterfully weaves together this terrible family-secrets narrative with, of course, a sideways glance at American gun culture. The result becomes absorbing and ultimately moving in caryn desai's staging.” — Don Shirley, Angeles Stage


Los Angeles Beat
“BEAUTIFUL AND POWERFUL… topical, moral and more importantly, unforgettable.” — Bryan Moore, Los Angeles Beat

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