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What The Critics Say

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“GO! All American Girl is notable for taking the audience behind [the] bewildering headlines, crafting a layered narrative”- LA Weekly

“PHENOMINAL…HEARTBREAKING…A MORE PERFECT PLAY?  NOPE…. Wendy Graf  ‘nails it’ in All American Girl.” - Gia on the Move

“FASCINATING… An amazing and horrifying hour-and-a-half… one of those career-altering acting performances… You won't go wrong taking the trip to Hollywood and seeing this potent theatre piece”- EDGE

 “FIVE STARS… massively powerful… deeply insightful… a brilliant revelation of how various forces and events can shape and mold a person’s view of the world… This is a show you will not soon forget.” - 


 “RECOMMENDED!  TOP 10… intriguing and articulate”- Stage Raw

 “WOW!... powerful, thought-provoking… under Anita Khanzadian’s astute, visually imaginative direction… layers of depth and complexity… an all-around superb design team help make All-American Girl the winner it is.”

Stage Scene LA

“PROVOCATIVE… a first-class production… admirably directed… there is no disputing its relevance and power. And when you add Marks’s tour-de-force performance to the mix, you’ve got a production that can rightly be called memorable.” - Total Theater

“ART AT ITS FINEST…a brilliant script, flawlessly acted…daring and intelligent….” - Discover Hollywood

“EXCEPTIONAL…The story will grip your guts and not let go” - Will Call

“INSPIRING…intriguing….beautifully done…All American Girl is proof that Wendy Graf continues to bring new, enlightening, provocative themes to the LA theatre community for all generations.”-

 “Demonstrates the power of solo performance—one woman alone on stage can be just as compelling as the 12-member cast of ‘Bent’… Annika Marks is stunning in the role, as she embodies every human emotion from love and wonderment to humiliation and fear.” - LA/OC Theater Examiner

“INTELLIGENT…emotionally truthful…it is the unrelenting, emotionally raw performance of Jeanne Syquia as Katie, our All American Girl, that should have you racing to see this production. “Beautifully crafted language… expertly directed.” - Palisades News

"Graf once again shows her command over creating strong female characters in cultural and personal crisis."

 “BRILLIANT!” - Los Angeles Beat



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