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What The Critics Say

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 “A thought-provoking work of art, poetically written and beautifully performed.”

-DC Metro Theater Arts


“Gorgeous…the gem of the Women’s Voices Theater Festival”

-  DC Theater Scene


"Graf once again shows her command over creating strong female characters in cultural and personal crisis. Graf’s skilled characterizations are buoyed by Anna Khaja’s seamless ability to transform in a myriad of roles with specific body language and vocal inflections. In the intimate space, the effect is transfixing. Graf’s characters are so solidly drawn that in Khaja’s detailed performance, the one-woman risk triumphs as well as any multi-cast production."

- M.R. Hunter EyespyLA

"Heartbreaking and heartwarming...... deftly deconstructs the visceral experience of coming to emotional maturity." -  Keisha7 - LA Splash  

"Wendy Graf creates an honest and heartfelt story. After watching this show, you are able to find words that ring true in every language for Hanna; strength, hope and love."  

-  Stacy Schupmann - Showmag 

"Heartfelt and moving...."F. Kathleen Foley - LA Times 

"I have officially drunk the Wendy Graf Kool Aid. I rarely say this, but you HAVE to go see the play she wrote - No Word in Guyanese For Me - Run, don't walk to Toluca Lake's Sidewalk Studio Theatre to see this great show, extended through June 25. Beautiful, heartfelt, stunning."

- Kelly Hartog - Mar Vista Patch

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